Desarrollo de nuevas tecnologías en aceleradores y detectores para los futuros colisionadores de Física de Partículas

Activity of the group: Develope the ASIC electronics for the currently considered sensors for the FT (Forward Tracking) of the ILC (International Linear Collider), i.e., today DEPFETs (DEPleted Field Effect Transistor) ) and MAPs (Monolithic Active Pixels). The developed electronics can be easily exported to other systems. Special focus is done to adequate the electronics for the DEPFET sensor adapted to the FT. It is also proposed to develope and study the applicability of MAPDs (Monolithic Avalanche photodiodes) in lineal and geiger modes to the FT in the ILC o for any other system of similar radiation and characteristics.

CICYT FPA2008-05979-C04-02

Start Date: 1/1/2009 End Date: 31/12/2010 Budget: 413.578 euro

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Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (

Estudio de la violación de CP con los detectores HERA-B y LHcb

Activity of the group: Design of the ASIC for the fist level trigger in the LHCb as part of the VFE (very front end) electronics.

Main Goal: Implementation of 6000 channels of detection of charged particles in LHCb. With a double channel architecture detection is done without dead time on integration with queue substraction. The ASIC was fabx3ricated in 0.8um of AustriaMicriosystems BiCMOS technology. Radiation hardness techniques (tripple voting and guard rings) were used.

CICYT AEN99-0483-E

Start Date: 1999 End Date: 2002 Budget: 506.000 euro

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Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (

Architecture of 1 channel and photography . It is composed of a double channel, fully differential structure, with integrator, track&hold, pile-up compensation and comparison stages. 16-channel ASIC fabricated in 0.8um BiCMOS of AMS