Microsistema multi-biosensor óptico, basado en redes de difraccion, para detección
de bacterias.

CICYT TEC2006-13109-C03-03/MIC

Start Date: 2006 End Date: 2008 Budget: 72.000 euro

Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (angel.dieguez@el.ub.es)

Desarrollo de un microsistema biosensor óptico para medida de toxicidad en agua.

Activity of the group: Design of the linear array of APS (active pixel sensors) to be used as sensor in the biosensing device.

CICYT DPI2003-08060-C03-03

Start Date: 2003 End Date: 2006 Budget: 108.100 euro

Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (angel.dieguez@el.ub.es)

One of the possible active pixel sensor architectures (left) and detection principle (right)
Array of APS (active pixel sensors) for toxicity water measurements based on diffraction gratings. IC fabricated in the 0.35um of AustriaMicrosystems OPTO process.