GLASSGAS-II: Intelligent Small World Autonomous Robots for Micro-manipulation

Activity of the group: Design of the electronics.

Main Goal: Design the electronics to manage all the functions of the robot with the strong challenge in area (3mm x 3mm) and power (1mW). The robot is able to move, communicate, percept the environment and solve different swarm scenarios.

IST-2002- FET pro-actives (FP6)

Start Date: 2004-01-01 End Date: 2007-12-31 Budget: 5.06 million euro

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Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (

Image of an I-SWARM robot. It measures 3x3x3mm

Photography of the control IC Layout of the ASIC. It has an 8051 processor with 2kB of data emmory, 8kB of program memory, integrated specific modules for communications with error correction (interleaving and BCH), locomotion, robot programming and egopositioning and for the control of a vibrating contact sensor. Clock is generated on chip.

MiCRoN: Miniaturised Co-operative Robots advancing towards the Nano range

Activity of the group: Design of the electronics for the robot, including the control integrated circuit of the robot (resp. A. Dieguez) and the high-voltage amplifiers to drive the piezoactuators (resp. P. Miribel).

Main Goal: Control locomotion, IR communications and a switchable tool (srynge, gripper or AFM).

IST-2001-33567 (FP6)

Start Date: 2002-03-01 End Date: 2005-08-31 Budget: 2.78 million euro

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Contact: Dr. Angel Diéguez (

Cooperating robots during assembly (artistic composition) and control IC
MiCRoN robot with an AFM tool assembled Robot size is 1cm3 The 4 layers of electronics. Image in bottom-right has 2 ASICs with the HV amplifiers and 1 ASIC for the control of the robot